Efficient Dental Waste Disposal and Collection

Gilston collaborates with dental practices of all sizes, addressing their essential dental waste disposal requirements. Within dental facilities, various types of unsanitary and potentially hazardous waste are generated, demanding responsible and meticulous disposal practices. This includes dental sharps, extracted teeth, and amalgam products.

It’s worth noting that amalgam, commonly used in dental fillings, is classified as hazardous waste by the UK government. Managing this material comes with a web of legislation, failure to comply with which could result in significant fines. Furthermore, the disposal of dental waste like tooth fragments and dressings requires careful consideration to maintain compliance.

With years of experience in the safe disposal of dental waste, we have collaborated with numerous dental organisations. This enables us to offer a highly competitive dental waste management package, tailored precisely to meet your unique needs. Your compliance and peace of mind are our top priorities.

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