Gilston’s Convenient “Big Bin” Service for Home and Garage Clear Outs

Merseyside residents now have an efficient solution for their home and garage clear-outs: the “Big Bin” service. Designed for those with items too large for standard waste bins but not enough to fill a skip, this collection service offers convenience and simplicity.

How It Works:

  • A large, four-wheeled bin is delivered to your property.
  • Six days later, it’s collected for a fixed fee.
  • Bin deliveries are available five days a week throughout the entire borough.

Bin Options:

  • Choose between a 660-litre refuse bin (equivalent to almost three standard-sized black bins) or a 1100-litre refuse bin (equivalent to 4.5 standard-sized black bins).
  • Pricing:
    • One 660-litre bin: £50 for seven days or £80 for two bins.
    • One 1100-litre bin: £60 for seven days or £100 for two bins.
    • Extend the hire for an additional week at £20.


  • No need to transport waste items in your car.
  • Ideal for those with minimal rubbish who don’t require a full skip.
  • Convenient doorstep delivery and collection.
  • Helps reduce unlicensed waste collectors and fly-tipping.


  • Not suitable for construction waste (rubble).

To book a collection and for further information. Telephone: 01704 807717.

Make your clear-out hassle-free with Gilston’s “Big Bin” service! 🗑️♻️