Thousands of small businesses and self-employed workers operating during lockdown are being urged to take COVID-19 tests, with a Southport firm being brought in to help fight the pandemic.

This week a new government drive has started to increase workplace testing in sectors open during lockdown, to detect Coronavirus (COVID-19) in people who are not showing symptoms. To help with safe disposal, Southport waste firm Gilston Waste Management have been called in to remove all clinical waste generated from this mass testing.

While the scheme has been in place for a number of months, this week marks the first surge in workplace testing of 2021 as the government widens the criteria to include businesses with more businesses with more than 50 employees. Previously the employee threshold was 250 staff.

This surge in testing has resulted in a massive increase in clinical and hazardous COVID-19 waste generated from thousands of more swab kits being used across the North West.

Gilston Waste Management (GWM) have been called in to help with the safe disposal of any and all clinical COVID-19 waste to ensure there is no chance of the virus spreading further.

James Parker, Director at Gilston Waste Management, said his firm has been working throughout the pandemic to help the government and private firms.

He said: “Gilston Waste Management are no stranger to this and we have been collecting hazardous and clinical COVID-19 waste from care homes, local authorities and businesses for a number of months.

“This surge in workplace testing is welcomed by everyone as we all play a part in fighting the pandemic, with our teams ready and waiting to assist these extra businesses.

“By disposing of this clinical waste safely, we are playing a vital part in stopping workers who cannot work from home unknowingly passing on the virus and protecting vital public services. It’s essential we still continue this surge testing and disposal to safeguard the population and prevent the spread of the virus.”

“We were chosen to assist because of our continued efforts in the Care sector where we continue to help provide hazardous waste disposal of COVID-19 related paraphernalia used by hundreds of care homes in the North West.

GWM offers customers in both the Public and Private sectors a total waste package which can include anything from safe removal of Hazardous material, confidential waste destruction, general waste collections and much more.

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