New Earth Solutions (Canford) is to extend its work for Dorset council under a six-year award for residual waste treatment which starts on 1 September 2021.

The new contract will see the continuation of the residual waste work for the council which supersedes arrangements with Dorset county council and Bournemouth borough council which date back to 2007.

Sorting equipment at Canford

Cllr Tony Alford, Dorset Council Portfolio Holder for Customer, Community and Regulatory Services, said: “We are pleased to award this contract to New Earth Solutions (Canford). This means that Dorset Council waste services can continue to ensure that household waste collected from our residents is managed in an effective way.”

Extension option

The company is part of Beauparc UK which in turn is owned by Ireland’s Beauparc Utility Group. New Earth Solutions, which will have a three-year extension option on the six-year deal, will treat and dispose of the waste for Dorset council starting with processing at the company’s 125,000 tonnes per annum Canford site.

In a significant development, the plan is to send the refused derived fuel produced at Canford from September 2021 to a new energy recovery facility being developed at Bridgwater in Somerset by Iona Capital and Equitix.


Under the New Earth Solutions award, Dorset will supply around 60,000 tonnes of waste – the rest of the Canford throughput comes mainly from the commercial sector. At the site near Wimborne, waste is treated in a mechanical biological treatment process with some materials, such as metals, reclaimed. A compost-like output is produced from the organic fraction with waste baled for burning as a refuse derived fuel.

Waste management Business Gilston

Aerial view of the Canford site

Landfill diversion

New Earth Solutions aid that the primary treatment point at Canford “ensures waste remains within the Dorset boundary, assisting the Authority to achieve its strategic waste management targets and objectives. The site is an existing operational centre with full planning and permitting in place and has a long history of working with local authority partners.”

The company said the bid solution will divert up to 96% of waste from landfill and increase recycling by a further 7.5% over the contract term.  Last year the Dorset Waste Partnership – which then covered much of the Dorset council contract area – reported that of the rubbish collected it was sending 16.8% of its waste to landfill (in Hampshire and Somerset) with 23% going to energy from waste (in Europe with a small amount to an incinerator near Southampton). Recycling stood at almost 60%.


The bid team was led by Tim Shapcott, commercial director of Beauparc UK

The bid team was led by Tim Shapcott, commercial director of Beauparc UK. Mr Shapcott said: “We are delighted to have been awarded this prestigious contract with Dorset, the tender was underpinned by a solution to receive the residual waste from over 180,000 kerbside collections before processing at the MBT facility in Canford.

“The RDF will be recovered at the second stage primary treatment facility, Bridgwater Resource Recovery Facility (BRRF) through a fuel supply contract. We look forward to continuing work with our partners at Dorset Council and assisting with the implementation of the authority’s joint municipal waste management strategy.”

Beauparc said that the BRRF’s 110,000 tonnes per annum, R1 accredited recovery facility will enter the commissioning phase in early 2021 and will create 7.7MW supply of energy into the grid.


The Canford site formed part of an acquisition of the New Earth group business by Beauparc Utility Group in 2016.

The Beauparc UK companies include WSR, Mid-UK, AWM and New Earth Solutions.

Beauparc operates in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. Beauparc was established in 1990, and describes itself as having expanded into “one of the UK and Ireland’s leading corporations”. Founded by Ireland’s Eamonn Waters in 1990, a 37.5% stake in the Beauparc Utility Holdings group was sold to the American investment business, Blackstone.