Wastecare Partners with Supreme Plc and Elfbar to Pioneer Nationwide Vape Recycling Bins at B&M Stores

Wastecare, in collaboration with Supreme Plc and Elfbar, is set to launch a groundbreaking recycling initiative, marking the first-ever appearance of such a scheme in a nationwide retail chain across the entire state. The partnership aims to significantly boost recycling expansion, with over 700 in-store vape recycling bins scheduled to be deployed in the coming months.

Taking control of the entire collection and recycling process, Wastecare is at the forefront of managing this compliance scheme. The company is currently experimenting with mechanized approaches to dismantle vapes, ensuring the recovery and recycling of collected devices in adherence to existing disposal regulations. This includes the extraction of lithium from vape batteries and the incineration of filter and nicotine elements.

Matt Stoneman, Wastecare’s Sales Director, expressed enthusiasm about the adoption of vape recycling solutions by major retailers like B&M. With over 5,500 collection points and counting, Wastecare solidifies its position as the leading force in vape recycling in the UK. Stoneman emphasized the importance of visible vape disposal points and consistent collections in showcasing the commitment of vape producers and retailers, contributing to a shift in public behavior.

Vapes fall under category 7 in existing regulations, encompassing toys, leisure, and sports equipment. While producers are obligated under these regulations, the high recycling costs (estimated at over £12,000 a tonne by Defra) often lead to evidence collection using other products. Defra’s proposed revamp of WEEE regulations includes a separate category for vapes, ensuring that producers cover the cost of recycling.

Several vape collection recycling schemes have been initiated to address the escalating issue, with more than five million vapes disposed of weekly. Reconomy, Biffa, and Veolia have all launched their schemes to facilitate the responsible disposal and recycling of vapes, contributing to a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.