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What can commercial waste compactors do for your business?

According to the Global Web Index, half of digital consumers say environmental concerns impact their purchasing decisions. Fuelled increasingly by major television events such as the BBC’s Blue Planet II series, the ongoing challenge for many businesses is to balance this consumer need alongside the financial demands of an increasingly challenging global market.

Thankfully these two factors are becoming increasingly aligned and, with modest investment, even the smallest companies can take steps to decrease their carbon footprint whilst making significant savings in the long-term. This is particularly the case when it comes to waste disposal, where the costs (both financial and environmental) continue to rise. It’s unsurprising, then, that more and more companies are choosing to invest in a recycling waste baler to help address this problem.

Commercial waste compactors separate out and compress different types of recyclable and non-recyclable waste so that they can be handled and disposed of more effectively. There are various types of compactor, depending on the types and amount of waste you need to process. Some are designed to compress landfill waste within commercial waste collection bins, reducing the amount of space needed for waste storage and the frequency/quantity of waste collections. Others focus on recyclable materials such as cardboard. The vast majority of all shipped products include cardboard in their packaging, so it’s unsurprising that disposal of cardboard has become such a financial and environmental challenge.

Any business that produces a sizable amount of waste – hotels, supermarkets, leisure complexes, and manufacturing facilities to name just a few – can benefit from an industrial waste compactor, and focusing on cardboard disposal is a great place to start. Think about the amount of cardboard you have kicking around your business premises right now. How much are you paying for that space? How much are you paying your employees to deal with this waste and – in addition – how much is it costing you to dispose of it?

Every order you place, and every subsequent delivery, generates a cost to your business. It’s no surprise that so many businesses are starting to focus their energy on finding ways to significantly reduce these costs and in the process increase their profit margins. Smart business owners see the consumer demand for green products as an opportunity to address the financial impact of waste disposal and recycling, whilst simultaneously appealing to a more environmentally conscious market.

The benefits of investing in a cardboard baler speak for themselves. How much time do your employees spend breaking down cardboard boxes? A cardboard baler makes light work of this, freeing up time for other activities. Have you ever welcomed a potential client to your business only for them to be faced with overflowing wheelie bins parked outside? By compressing your waste, you can significantly reduce the amount of space it takes up, avoiding this problem altogether.

Are you facing ever-increasing bills for commercial waste disposal? A cardboard baler can reduce the space taken up by waste by 90%. Imagine the impact this could have on your bottom line. That’s not to mention the increased potential for selling your recycled cardboard. Most domestic mills will only accept baled cardboard, so by investing in a cardboard baler you are opening up a potential income stream for your business.

And, most importantly of all, you will be taking a big step towards reducing your environmental footprint, something of benefit to everyone. This also brings commercial advantages; with consumers increasingly focused on green issues, you have the opportunity to rebrand your business as an ethical, environmentally friendly operation.

The need to balance environmental and financial factors is one of the main challenges facing businesses today, and waste disposal plays a big part. Commercial waste compactors will help you address both these issues. Although, like any investment, it will take time for you to see a financial return, the immediate impact in terms of the reputation and image of your company, not to mention the environmental benefits, make a compactor a sound investment.

By focusing first and foremost on cardboard even a small business can start tackling these challenges head-on. There are also smaller, more immediate financial benefits such as better use of employee time and the potential for selling your recycled cardboard to domestic mills. For more information on the uses of a commercial waste compactor, particularly a cardboard baler, contacting your local council or a reputable recycling tool company who can help you determine your needs and the potential benefits to both your business and the environment.

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