Gilston Waste Management have equipment and services available, designed to provide bio-decontamination of equipment, vehicles, rooms or entire facilities. This process is called ‘fogging’ and allows us to disinfect with a hydrogen Peroxide mist. This is used primarily for hard surface disinfections, as in healthcare premises, where no soft furnishings are present. For buildings and rooms where soft furnishings are present, such as carpets, furniture, and curtains we use a tested (people and animal safe) biocide. Both system are highly effective against viruses such as influenza, Covid-19 and Norovirus and the mist delivery system is exactly the same. It is the clear choice when replacing traditional formaldehyde or chlorine-based applications offering fast, repeatable cycles within a sensitive environment. Most importantly it can mean that you are able to return to work in as little as 2 hours after completion of disinfection.

Gilston Waste Management have a record of delivering works to tight deadlines, particularly important for production line cleaning and shutdowns when downtime must be limited. The works are fully managed, planned and undertaken in line with our robust Risk Assessments.

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