Skilled Centrifuge Operation Experts

At Gilston Waste, we take pride in offering a team of highly skilled and extensively trained centrifuge operators. Our operators possess the expertise to proficiently handle a range of centrifuge models, including Flottweg, Hiller, Alpha Laval, and others, for various applications such as dewatering and sludge thickening processes. Your waste management needs are in capable hands with our experienced professionals.

  • Our Core Services – Count on our expert centrifuge operators for efficient and skilled management of operations.

  • Monitoring Our operators – continuously monitor the centrifuge to ensure it is operating within established parameters.

  • Enhanced Optimisation – Our skilled operators fine-tune the centrifuge’s operating conditions, aiming for peak efficiency to deliver optimal results.

  • Diligent Maintenance – Our operators adhere to client-specific maintenance requirements, ensuring the equipment is kept in excellent condition.

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