Elevate Hygiene Standards with Our Washroom Services

Elevate Washroom Hygiene: Your Partner for a Cleaner, Safer Environment

The state of hygiene in your washroom speaks volumes about your commitment to the well-being of your visitors and employees. At Gilston, we take this commitment seriously. Our team of expert microbiologists offers invaluable insights into the risks associated with poor washroom hygiene and has developed innovative, eco-friendly products and services dedicated to enhancing hygiene levels.

Expertise for Health and Sustainability

Our expertise is your assurance against common washroom bacteria, helping to minimize infection risks while simultaneously contributing to water conservation, energy efficiency, and reduced cleaning expenses.

Complimentary Hygiene Survey

To kickstart our partnership, our seasoned representatives conduct a complimentary hygiene survey of your washroom, employing professional tools to assess cleanliness levels. This survey empowers our experts to provide tailored recommendations aimed at either maintaining or elevating your washroom’s hygiene standards, effectively curbing the spread of harmful bacteria.

Tailored Solutions for All Businesses

Our extensive range of washroom solutions caters to businesses of all sizes, whether you operate with public access or have a closed premise. These solutions are available through a comprehensive, hassle-free rental and maintenance program, ensuring a consistently high level of service. Rest assured, sensitive items like feminine hygiene and nappy waste are professionally managed, with a strong commitment to environmentally responsible disposal.

Compliance with Hygiene Regulations

Speaking of nappy waste, this category falls under “offensive waste,” making compliance with hygiene regulations paramount. At Gilston, we strictly adhere to up-to-date UK legislation, ensuring your business remains compliant. Our licensed waste carriers offer flexible collection schedules, disposing of nappy waste safely and in full compliance with the law, complete with complimentary waste transfer notes as part of your Duty of Care documentation. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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